“By using creative arts to access the inner world and imagination, are a powerful force for transformation and healing”

Unique offering

Creative arts create a space of change and imagination. Balance between body, soul and mind by exploring your own dream world and imagination. We all have the ability to create our own stories by exploring our inner-world creatively through creative arts. Through the creative process the sub-conscious is given a space to speak, and that is an opportunity for healing. Creative arts can open the window to the unconscious and can mirror the unspoken world.

The fragmented self can find a space for exploration and healing. Creative arts expression is a powerful tool to create imaginative and dreamlike images. To give a voice to those hidden images and symbols in the sub-conscious. This journey can assist in discovery of one’s own authentic voice and the manifestation of one’s own truth.

Focus Areas of Imagination, art and healing

In the workshops and sessions, the focus is on entering the sub-conscious(inner-world) through creative art processes to focus on the following areas:

  • Self-regulation:

It is important to trust the creative arts process and the journey one enters into can become a self-regulating tool to assist healing. This process involves creating a safe and inspiring space where people can enter into their journey of exploring their inner-world. Creative Arts techniques that can assist in self-regulation is sensory based exercises, grounding and anchoring yourself exercises, mirroring exercises and rhythmic exercises.

  • Resilience:

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, to have an inner strength, and the creative arts process can equip you to be strong and to address difficulties on a very creative manner. By focusing on the sub-conscious(inner-world) fractured selves and minds can be healed. From a firm base of resilience, one can step forth, back into life, back into ones

own lives.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is about awareness, attention and acceptance. Through the creative arts process and within a save space one can explore and fight the mind-body disconnection by focusing on the inner world and then gently move into a space of awareness, attention and then acceptance. Creative arts techniques that is used is body awareness through improvisation and movement, body mapping through visual arts and mirroring through movement and drawing.

  • Meaning making: 

Meaning-making is defined as the process of how individuals make sense of knowledge, experience, relationships and the self. This process of making meaning stems from culture, context, education, and experiences. Meaning is critical to our sense of self; our belonging and connections to others. By using creative art therapy techniques one can enter the inner-world and start to make sense of hidden images, metaphors and dreams as part of healing.