“Which self am I, and when?”

Unique Offering

By attending these workshops/ seminars you will enter the rabbit hole of Alice as in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” metaphorically, to explore your inner world with all the dreams, hidden messages and symbols. When Alice journeyed down the rabbit hole and through the imaginary dream world, an imaginary world without a beginning or an end, where characters, unveiled themselves in various metaphors, images and symbols, Alice still manages to find herself.  Alice, therefore, takes a journey into the unknown and is confronted with bizarre happenings. In Alice’s journey two intertwined aspects manifested: discovering the self and becoming.

By exploring your inner self creatively, you can create a personal environment, where the understanding of the “self” is fluid and where there is a flowing of new “self” understanding and identity formation, a very important process of becoming (where becoming is an understanding of the “self” and identity). The “self” needs to embrace the ability for growth and fluidity as part of experiences, self-awareness and becoming.

These workshops and seminars are developed for women, 35 years and older and focus on womanhood within a postmodern society. In these workshops/ seminars you explore yourself and your identity formation by entering the subconscious, inner world that is influenced by the outer world. Today that outer world is a constant glare of technology and viral media exposure. The themes that will be explored through creative arts will help you to understand how the development and proliferation of technology in the contemporary world, shapes your sense of self and identity. In the world of today one is in a perpetual state of virtual re-invention of the “self” on social media and a digital footprint of identity and traces of personal information are available to others publicly and globally for others to reflect upon.

The world women live in today creates a fractured self and by entering into this creative space, through creative art exercises you can find a balance between body, mind and soul through self-awareness and self-exploration. Through creative arts as a tool of healing you will become aware of mindfulness, helping you to achieve balance and clarity for a healthier and happier you.

Themes of exploration

  1. Down the rabbit hole:

In today’s world, it is very difficult to live a life completely free of stress, so we need to go inside our mind and train or access the subconscious mind to de-stress. Creative arts can be a great way to express one’s inner feelings in a tangible format. Turning one’s influx of negative feelings that causes stress into a positive output using art can bring healing. Our subconscious mind has a lot do with one’s inner conflicts. Over a period of time negative ideas within the subconscious mind keep on simmering and finally, a constant stress is created. By entering the creative process, the visual imagery and symbols can help you to identify the negative thoughts, to become aware of the feelings to detach from it and to create more positive associations. To enter into  your own journey of self-reflection and healing. The creative exercises are specifically developed to focus on the body, self-awareness, emotions, depression, fear, pain, happiness, balance and inner peace.

  • Imagination:

Here the focus of the creative space is on exploring your imagination.  It can assist in experiencing hidden feelings, ideas, perceptions and dreams. It is sometimes very difficult to engage with difficult hidden feelings or trauma.  That is why one’s imagination is so important. The creative arts exercises will encourage you to explore your imagination and fantasy world, as an introductory to making images in a journey of healing. Furthermore, imagination is at work in our perception of ourselves and of others.  It is important to understand that fantasy and imagination are primary and inescapable elements of mental life. By understanding one’s imagination and by creating one’s fantasy world one can develop an art-based visual language. You can develop and understand your own visual language through art, music, improvisation, movement and writing.

  • Our body is a battleground, the perseverance of women:

Why is it important to explore womanhood with the contemporary culture we live in.? Through creative arts one can explore various themes such as women who have been abused as children, or subsequently, as an adult. Intimate relations that are unique, because of marriage vows, sex, pregnancy, and childbirth can be part of a visual journey.   By entering into your own subconscious world you can begin to understand how the above-mentioned themes affects the sense of self and how women are disembodied. Within a group creative process group acceptance and validation of the self can be very helpful. These workshops/seminars can also assist in understanding, one’s sense of individual identity that can be disrupted and dislocated by major trauma or change, resulting in a tremendous sense of loss. Through the creative arts one can give women a space in which to explore, their changed sense of self and sexuality within postmodernism and help them in the reconstruction of a new self-identity, though a fluid multifaceted one.

  • Creative energy:

Discovering your inner creative energy, begins by looking inside yourself. The idea of “looking within” can be beneficial to understand the benefit of turning inward for inspiration, happiness, self –awareness and decision-making. Through the creative arts process you can begin to generate creative energy, to bring the creative ideas into a physical form by exploring images, symbols and metaphors. You can be able to give life to creative inspiration. Through various creative arts exercises you will explore you’re your various senses, as creative energy is an energy flow, and it is experienced in feelings and as feelings. Creative energy is about how and what one feels and why one feel, and don’t feel, and what we do with those feelings.  Creative energy lies in what we feel and allow ourselves to feel and what we give permission to ourselves to feel. Feelings arise from sensing a flow of energy. In learning to understand what you feel and how to use the flow of creative energy, a creative process or journey can unfold that can heal body, mind and soul.

  • Women’s intuitive awareness:

The intuitive energy of women is powerful and spiritual.  By entering this creative space, you can start to understand and transform your relationship to your intuition. To devote yourself to hearing it. To truly listening to it.  To actually knowing when it’s speaking to you. To learning to tell the difference between your intuitive intelligence and your analytical/judging mind. The intuition, symbols, and creativity energy of women is used through a creative process to access inner wisdom and healing. This will be a deep, healing, and fun journey that is unique to you. Discover, recover, and uncover your intuitive, creative self. Expand your self-awareness, strengthen your intuition, and access your inner wisdom brief through brief meditation by using your own images and symbolism.  A safe space will be created as a circle for sharing, creating and reflecting