Collaboration team arts “It shows that working as a team, we have better, more innovative ideas than as an individual. Better known capabilities of other team members. Focus on team identification, strong interpersonal support and have fun together. Overall, very positive. Help to network as a team and support each other (Dominique Bureau).”

Unique offering For staff to perform optimally in the corporate environment effective team cohesion is of the utmost importance. Today corporate place more emphasis on performance hence performance contracts and performance bonuses. In order for a section/ department/ division to perform optimally it is important for corporates to focus on team building. For a team to function as a whole it is important to recognize the strengths of individuals in a team.

By attending Arts of Mind collaboration team building workshops, through creative arts one will focus on team bonding, team empowerment, team strengthening through personalities, workplace productivity and wellness. The approach through creative art exercises are a fresh, holistic and an innovative way for individuals to bond as one. Team healing for a team is through the creative arts and can be used to reinforce and reconnect each other with fresh and in-depth understanding. Within a safe and relaxed space team members interact creatively and start know each other outside of their usual work routine and environment. To create team experiences that enrich the team spirit. To stimulate team identity.

Each and every member of your team has untapped creative potential just waiting to emerge. Through group creative processes, your team’s resourceful problem solving strategies will be heightened, communication approaches explored and team knowledge enhanced.

Using a variety of innovative creative arts exercises and themes your team will be lead to generate tangible objects together, with extreme limits placed on the team to facilitate creative problem solving techniques. The team will explore non – verbal communication skills to impart information or needs. Each collaboration team building workshop will be custom made to address your specific needs as a team.

How can alternative creative innovation assist, create and heal your team?

Exploring creative activities can sharpen the individual’s senses and teach them new ways to communicate complex ideas and insights within the team. The team will gain access to their expressive selves and tap in to a new and dynamic ways of communication, while stimulating their problem solving and creativity. Each team member will practice new ways of bringing their ideas into focus when they explore their innovative potential.


•          stimulate innovation and problem solving

•          increase self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence within a team environment

•          identify and clarify issues and concerns

•          increase team awareness and team collaboration

•          explore diverse communication patterns

•          create a new innovative approach for the team

•          to connect with each other creatively within a team environment